Sep 04 2013

Options Available For ACT Test Preparation

Information provided by Method Test Prep

Method Test Prep is more than just as software program; we help you educate your families on things like the smartest SAT and ACT timelines.

Complimentary SAT and ACT webinars for PARENTS: Rather than ask parents to come to the school, why not give them the option of attending a webinar on a night that works for them.  That is right – each month there are webinars offered that explain the SAT and ACT to parents.  Here are the dates and time for the fall:

  • Monday, September 16th at 8 PM EDT –  The ACT: What You Need to Know
  • Thursday, October 10th at 8 PM EDT –  The Inside Scoop on the PSAT
  • Tuesday, November 12th at 8 PM EDT – The SAT: Facts and Myths
  • To see the parent webinar schedule online and to register for any of these times, visit

FREE online SAT and ACT prep classes for STUDENTS:  Every month there are free prep classes for students that cover the most important strategies needed to score well on the SAT and ACT:

  • Monday, September 30th at 8 PM EDT – Topic:  Functions: How to deal with ACT/SAT questions involving them and Subject/Pronoun Agreement
  • Tuesday, November 19th at 9 PM EDT – Topic:  ACT/SAT English and Grammar: Incorrect Comparisons and ACT/SAT Math:  Questions involving Percents
  • To see the student webinar schedule online and to register for any of these times, visit

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