Perseverance and Engineering at RES

By Natalie Alexander, RES Fourth Grade

Mrs. Fairchild’s class at Roundstone Elementary is making boats and testing which one can hold the most. So far we are doing a good job. One boat can hold 27 marbles. This boat is called 27 men. The kids who made the boat are Robert Rhodus and Dylan Brown. These kid’s boat is not too big nor too small, “It is just the right size!” that was a quote from Robert. It just happens there is another boat that can hold 27 marbles. This boat’s name is Ole’ Betsy. The creators of it are: Kacey Kirby, Avery Bullock, Makinlee Kirby, and Rebecca Woods. Another boat is Gingerbob. But it can only hold 5 marbles. The creators of it are Haley Riley, Haley Sanders, Cassie Coffey, and Charles Bradley. They got five to hold in their boat. We were learning about the engineering process and the importance of having perseverance while working together to test our ideas.

boat tape

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