Physics Students Attend SpacePrep at MSU

Female Physics students from RCHS attend SpacePrep at Morehead State University. The visit began on April 5th with a tour given by former RCHS students Rachel Cain and Caitlyn Mullins. On April 6th, the students experiences SpacePrep. SpacePrep is a one-day program focused on encouraging females to pursue science careers while also developing their leadership capacities.

Students reviewed the basic subatomic relationships that result in electric current flow then apply this knowledge to construct (through soldering) a JiggyBot. The JiggyBot is a small robot that mimics the operation of small satellites. After construction is completed, the students tested the JiggyBots for motion stability. As the day concluded, the students attended a brief lecture on Space Science career opportunities in Kentucky and other opportunities to continue study in this field.

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