Raider Rally in the Valley

Saturday November 17th 2012, the RCHS JROTC Raider team competed at the Raider Rally in the Valley at Cold Lake State Park in Jacksboro, Tennessee. This event was hosted by Campbell County High School. The team took two teams (A and B team) and both teams did exceptional. There were twenty three teams competing in the entire competition. The competition consisted of six events; Map Reading, First Aid, Knots, Strength Test, One Rope Bridge, and CCR (Cross Country Rescue).  The A team placed 5th overall the events and B team placed 15th overall, tying with Clay County. Cadets who participated in this event are; Addison Atkin, Megan Boggs, Ame Chiantaretto, Bentley Collins, Crystal Doan, Austin Daniel, Josh England, Dana Hatfield, Justin Houk, Shania Lawson, Brady Mcclure, Katlyn McGee, Tori Phillips, Adam Ramey, Austin Ramsey, Ryan Rawlins, Austin Smith, Victoria Smith, Brandon Stewart, and Derick Yates.

Ryan Rawlins zips across the one rope bridge.

Adam Ramey doing the low crawl during the CCR. (Cross Country Rescue)

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