RCHS Archery Team Excels at South Laurel Shoot

RCHS shot well at South Laurel High School on Saturday.  The team score was 3052.  TJ Ramsey led the team with 284 and 15 tens.  Gentry Phillips added 273 to the team score with 11 tens.  CJ Cameron shot 268.  Alyssa Martin, top female shooter, shot a personal best of 261.  Emily Maupin had a score of 259.  Trace Boone added 256 to the total while Kyle Coffey added 254.  Liz and Lara Renner scored 245 and 240, respectively.  Jillian Wallin shot a 238 as did Damien Johnson.  Brooke Renner shot a 236 and Jasmine Johnson added a 163 to the team score.  Rockcastle Archery competes again Friday evening at Pulaski County High School.


Medal winners from the Nancy Dragon Tournament were (from left) TJ Ramsey, Liz Renner, Trace Boone, Emily Maupin and Kyle Coffey.

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