RCHS Civics Classes “Rock the Vote”

Students in Mr. Brown and Mrs. Coleman’s 4th Period Civics classes coordinated and conducted a Mock Election on Thursday, November 3rd.  The Mock Election was a culminating project in the Executive Branch unit of study in the course.  Nearly 60% of the students at RCHS participated in the election, which was held during the students’ lunch.  The voting “precincts” were manned entirely by students and all vote calculations were also done by students in the civics classes.

74% of the students at RCHS who voted cast their ballot for Donald Trump, while 19% cast ballots for Hillary Clinton. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned 4% of the vote.  Using the Electoral College method, each class was assigned electors based on enrollment.  5 electors were available in the junior and freshman classes; 4 electors for the sophomores; and 3 electors were assigned to the senior class.  Trump won each grade level and gained all 17 electoral votes at RCHS.


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