RCHS JROTC Competes in Raider & Drill Competition

Twenty-three Rockcastle County High School JROTC Cadets traveled to Whitley County High School on October 7, 2017 to compete in their Raider and Drill Competition.  The team was highly motivated performing their best on each event. The competition consisted of eight events: obstacle course, pioneer gauntlet, rope bridge, academic test, color guard, mile run, archery, and tug-of-war.

The Academic Test was used as an overall competition tiebreaker. Our four cadets: Roger Price, Zach Fetters Aleya Powell, and Steven Rowe had five minutes to answer fifty questions as a team.

The raider team got off to a fast start by running the obstacle course. The course included an inclined wall, rope climb, vaults, and triangle bars. The team, comprised of Amber Doan, Shawna Mink, Ethan Saylor, Elijah Vaught, Billy Boggs, and Nathan Renner, completed the course in sixteen minutes and fifty-five seconds.

The second event for the raider team was the one rope bridge crossing. Our team of cadets crossed a 60-foot span on a single rope between two trees. Cadets had to tie a Swiss seat (harness made of rope) to cross to the other side without touching the dead zone (place set by the graders that the cadets cannot cross under any circumstance). The team of eight (Amber Doan, Lydia Walker, Elijah Vaught, Benton Kuntz, Billy Boggs, Ethan Saylor, and Chandler Cole) completed the crossing with a solid time of two minutes and nine seconds. They placed 3rd out of ten teams.

The drill team was on the floor performing their color guard at the same time the raiders were building the one rope bridge. The four cadets (Aleya Powell, Larry Vanwinkle, Jake Neeley, and Zach Fetters) had to follow a sequence to display their understanding and ability to follow commands correctly. They had to case and uncase colors, march, and perform right and left wheels. Our drill team members performed well in this event.

The raiders then competed in the one mile relay run which tested their speed and agility, the one-mile relay. Our team did a phenomenal job running a four minute and thirty-eight second mile. Each cadet had to run one lap then hand off the baton to the next Cadet. The Cadets on this four person team were: Amber Doan, Elijah Vaught, Kenzie Sheffield, and Nathan Renner.

The pioneer gauntlet was our fourth event. The team of six cadets (Lydia Walker, Shawna Mink, Ethan Saylor, Gage Tackett, Elijah Vaught, and Benton Kuntz) had to carry sand bags,  jerry cans, flip a tire, carry a litter, and carry each other (fireman carry) across the football field. Our team placed second with a time of three minutes and twenty-nine seconds

Whitley County had a very different mystery event for our cadets to perform. The team, comprised of two females and two males (Amber Doan, Lydia Walker, Gabe Tackett, and Elijah Vaught), had to shoot arrows at a target 10 meters away with a genesis competition bow. The team score eighty-nine out of a possible 200 points.

Our team placed second in the pioneer gauntlet and third in one rope bridge. We were challenged to do our best and grow as a team.

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