RCHS JROTC Participates in Camp Wildcat Activities

Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st  25 cadets camped out at the historic Camp Wildcat Battlefield.  Cadets did multiple work details during the weekend including; parking cars, working concessions, collecting donations, and keeping trash picked up. On Saturday night all participating cadets received a Camp Wildcat Service Medal for their hard work.  Two cadets also participated in the reenactment on Saturday and Sunday those cadets were Brady Mcclure and Ryan Rawlins. It was a busy

Brady McClure 2nd from left, in the center.

but very fun and educational event. The following cadets participated in this event; Addison Atkin, Stephen Blevens, Aaron Baggett, Ame Chiantaretto, Bentley Collins, Crystal Doan, Dillion Doan,  Josh England, Jacob Durham, Garrett Hasty, Jacob Houk, Justin Houk, Tiffany Horn, Robbie Howard, Dylan Isaacs, Shania Lawson,  Josh Linville, Justin Mason, Will Martin,  Brady Mcclure, Katlyn McGee, John Mullins, Ryan Rawlins,  Andrew Sizemore, and Billie Wynn. Special thanks to CPT. Jeffery Thompson, SFC. Keith Graves, and Mrs. Holly Robinson for chaperoning.

Ryan Rawlins, soldier on the ground.

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