RCHS Library Hosts 6th Annual Spring into Reading Event

The RCHS Library recently hosted the sixth annual “Spring into Reading” book discussion event on Friday, April 14, 2017.  Students chose one book to read and discuss from the 24 options available.  Janet Wells, Librarian, coordinates this annual event which features refreshments, book discussions, and students and adults finding common interests.

Morgan Taylor (RCHS Teacher) chose the book “Friday Night Lights” to discuss with Hannah Abney, William Angell, Holly Carpenter, Lindsay Mink, and Jonathan Potter.

Holly Robinson (RCHS Teacher) joined students Liz Blair, Miranda Brown, Amber Doan, Hannah M. Mullins, Breonya Napier, and Maddie Wilson to discuss “The Fifth Wave.”

“The Impossible Knife of Memory” book discussion was led by Jean Gentry (DAR) with students Sarah Pride and Kristen Taylor.

First-time leader Treena Burdette (RCHS Teacher) joined students Megan Cromer, Kiaya Hensley, Jacklyn Stephens, Leann Tankersley, and Apryl Volk to discuss “Just Listen.”

Patsy McFalls (DAR) joined Savannah Bullock, Tony Hale, Haylie Madden, and Makayla Robbins to talk about “Scored.”

RCHS/RATC Teacher Betty Holt led the discussion about “Love Story” with Ashlyn Brock, Julie Cox, Rylee Denney, Autumn King, Daya McGuire, and Jaylon Ponder.

John Wells, retired RCHS Teacher, met with students Dalton Durham, Maggie Franklin, and Matthew Sizemore to talk about “You Don’t Know About Me.”

Rockcastle County Public Library Director Pam Chaliff chose “Eli the Good” to discuss with Dylan Bullen, Logan Noel, Amy Clark, Emily Ponder, Colby Price, Donnie Thacker, and Bryce Smith.

Cynthia Rogers, Roundstone Elementary Librarian, met with Haley Bullock, Kennedy Carpenter, Chelsea Helton, Emily Payne, and Nicole Rountree to discuss “All the Bright Places.”

RCHS Teacher Casey Harper and students Hannah Renner, Shelby Swanigan, and Lindsey Wilder talked about “Project Cain.”

Susan Norton (RCHS Teacher) met with students Serena Shackleford and Jillian Roebuck to discuss “The Red Heart Tattoo.”

RCHS Attendance Clerk Sherri McKinney led the discussion on “Love Finds You in Daisy, Oklahoma” and brought music referenced in the story to share with Hannah Cloepfil-Johnston, Shaylin Howerton, and Tiffany McGuire.

Jennifer Mattingly, RCHS Principal and DAR Member, discussed “Every Day” with students Kiarra Clouse, Katie Cook-Vance, Lexy Hasty, Tessa Pickle, and Adrianne Walker.

Another first-time leader was Kathy Bobo (RCMS Teacher and DAR Member) who joined Tatum Isaacs and Heather Johnson to discuss “The List.”

Jennifer Lake, retired librarian from Jackson County High School, led the discussion of “Gym Candy” with Vashaun Alexander, Aidan Cain, Jacob Loudermilk, Chase Roberts, and Zach Taylor.

Dr. Mary Ann Kolloff of the EKU Library Science Department and students Megan Bond, Jay Harvey, Jeremiah Powell, and Sarah Powell discussed “Rot and Ruin.”

Norma Eversole (DAR) led the discussion on “The Lucky One” with Allie Pheanis, Joy Frith, and Rebekah Kersey.

DAR Member Amanda McNew and students Samantha Clines and Jacklynn Chadwell talked about “The Boyfriend List.”

New RCHS Spanish Teacher Erin Grace led the discussion on “Above” with Aden Amburgey, Riley Betsworth, Dorothy Hurst, Rebekah Lake, Michaela Saylor, and Alissa Brook Smith.

Another first-time leader was DAR Member Tonya Cook who met students Alyssa Bustle, Logan Jett, Mahala King, Josh Mitchell, and Rebekah Pearson to discuss “This Is What I Did.”

Carrie Alcorn (RCHS Teacher) chose “Salt to the Sea” to discuss with Morgan Didelot, Cora Machal, Tori Dotson, Kaitlyn Santo, and Megan Taylor.

Mary Adams (RCHS Teacher) and Nora Pulliam enjoyed discussing “Complicit.”

Markita Proctor (RCHS Teacher) brought a personal perspective to “The Fault in Our Stars” to students Katlyn Abney, Hope Holbrook, McKenzie Lowery, Jaden Payne, and Aleya Powell.

Angie Hendrickson, Rockcastle County Gifted and Talented Coordinator, led the discussion on “The Maze Runner” with students Spencer Begley, Bobby Bowman, Savanna Sweet, and Marceline Zanet.

This year’s event featured 97 students and 24 adult discussion leaders.  Special thanks to Laura Durham, Hostess and DAR Liaison, Carolyn Wells and Jenna Wells, Refreshments, and several RCHS teachers who covered their colleagues’ fourth period classes.  If an adult in the community is interested in serving as a discussion leader for the 2018 Spring into Reading event, contact RCHS Librarian Janet Wells at 606-256-4816 to get your name on the list.

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