RCHS Library Hosts Second Annual “Spring into Reading” Event

On Tuesday, April 16th, over 100 people gathered in the Rockcastle County High School Library for 90 minutes of book discussions after school.  Students signed up to read a popular young adult book, with the discussion to be led by a surprise adult leader from the school district or community.  After enjoying a spread of refreshments, the library was filled with 18 groups enjoying book discussions and conversation.  This was the second year of the annual event organized by Mrs. Janet Wells, RCHS Librarian.

The following participated in this year’s event:

Mrs. Julie Asher (DAR), Thirteen Reasons Why–Leah Hughes, Katie Marks, Rachel Martin, Bentley Collins, Crystal Reddington, and Terri Renner.

Mrs. Angela Baker (RCHS), Legend—Cody Malicote, Joseph Montano, Tristan Begley, and Harley Cain.

Mrs. Molly Belcher (DAR), The Name of the Star—John David Hurley, Logan Durham, Lauren Fields, Deanna Alexander, and Jessie Harris.

Mrs. Jamie Bryant (DAR), Pushing the Limits—Austin Harris, Natasha Bohlman, Shelby McKinney, Sarah Burdine, Shandi Johnson, and Ashley Hollin.

Mrs. Norma Eversole (DAR), Between Shades of Gray—Kelsey Mattingly, Callie Asher, Rachel Cain, Alaina Coguer, and Brooke Isaacs.

Mrs. Jean Gentry (DAR), The Fault in Our Stars—Adam J. McKinney, Akira King, Dalton Gray, and Abby Eaton.

Mr. Nicholas Hall (RCHS), Ender’s Game—Kennedy Convery and Rachel Chadwell.

Ms. Betty Holt (RCHS), Divergent—Erika Howard, Viet Cao, Michael Collett, Robert Renner, Anthony Miller, and Aaron Pevley.

Mrs. Jennifer Mattingly (RCHS & DAR), Need—Jana Lethart and Mikayla Cass.

Mrs. Patsy McFalls (DAR), Matched—Jodi Hellard, Ally Sizemore, Dana Robbins, Cheyenne Morgan, and Sharly Dees.

Ms. Susan Norton (RCHS), Divergent—Ashley Newland, Tanika Chasteen, and Hannah Hillard.

Mrs. Janet Puzey (RCHS), The Help—Jessica Bentley, Courtnie Mullins, Lee Lear, Rahki Patel, Brittany Carpenter, and Alyssa Cox.  (A chocolate pie was included in this discussion group!)

Mrs. Holly Robinson (RCHS), Sold—Hannah Childress and Kendra Engle.

Mr. Les Scalf (RCHS), Night Circus—Scherrie Newman, Brook Morris, and Caitlyn Mullins.

Dr. Ralph Turner (EKU), Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children—Keeley Goff, Amelia Eversole, and Levi Sparks.

Mrs. Cheryl Witt, Safe Haven—Janie Bowman, Ashley Craig, Olivia Montano, and Megan Allen.

Mrs. Iris Young, The Maze Runner—Ethan Mattingly, Clay Greene, Jacob Riley, Mackenzie Moore, and James Kerns.

Special guests who visited included:  Mrs. Sandy Tyler, Brodhead Elementary School Librarian; Mrs. Cynthia Rogers, Roundstone Elementary School Librarian; Mrs. Pam Chaliff, Rockcastle County Public Library Director; and Mrs. Angie Hendrickson, Rockcastle County Schools Gifted & Talented Coordinator.

Appreciation is extended to the following for their assistance in making this event happen:  Mrs. Jennifer Mattingly, Mrs. Becky Smith, Mr. Barry Noble, Mrs. Laura Durham, Mrs. Sandy Alexander, Mrs. Sherri McKinney, Mrs. Jenny Sweet, Ms. Melanie Lyons, Mrs. Jennifer Houk, Mrs. Sondra Mullins, Mr. Steve McKinney, and Mr. David Pensol, Superintendent.  A special thanks to those who arranged for bus transportation to enable many students to participate.

Planning is already underway for the 2014 “Spring into Reading” Event.  If you are interested in being a discussion leader, please contact Mrs. Janet Wells at (606) 256-4816.  She will be happy to suggest books and recruit students for the discussion.  The first year featured 6o students, and this year garnered 72 students, so more students are anticipated in 2014.

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