RCHS Students Attend Space Trek Camp

RCHS students attended Space Trek camp at Morehead State University this summer.  30 students from all over Kentucky were chosen to participate in this camp.  The students stayed on campus for a week.  While on campus the students did the following:

  • Built electronic devices that demonstrate principles of circuits and components
  • Worked in cooperative mission teams to build a small satellite (CricketSat)
  • Made observations and predictions, collected and interpreted data
  • Calibrated a scientific instrument to produce accurate data
  • Set up a ground station for tracking the satellite
  • Used software programs to receive and interpret satellite data
  • Created and presented the mission results to the SpaceTrek leaders team

This was a great experience for these students and helped them with college and career readiness.

Space Trek 1

Sarah Ponder, Rebekah Lake, Sarah Roberts, Clare Beichler, Emily Deubel

Space Trek 2

Clare Beichler, Sarah Roberts, Sarah Ponder, Rebekah Lake, Akira King, Emily Deubel

Space Trek 3

Clare Beichler and Emily Deubel

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