RCHS Students Get a “Second Chance” at Breakfast

Rockcastle County High School students started the 2015-2016 school year with a new opportunity to fuel up for learning.  Not only is breakfast free for all students, but RCHS students are now offered a Second Chance Breakfast.  With the Second Chance Breakfast, school breakfast is offered in the morning before school starts and between first and second period.  Second Chance Breakfast is effective for serving students who, due to family schedules or transportation issues, are not able to eat in the morning before school begins and is also effective for students who are not hungry first thing in the morning, but do get hungry before lunch. Second Chance Breakfast is one strategy that helps bring the benefits of breakfast to all students.

“Students who eat school breakfast regularly tend to have higher grades, less absences, and are more prepared to participate in the classroom” says Superintendent David Pensol.  “Providing two opportunities to eat school breakfast ensures students have access to nutritious foods that fuel learning.”

Items are located in the cafeteria and include fruits, toast, yogurt, cereals, juice, milk and a variety of other hot items (see menu).

“RCHS is excited about the opportunity to provide a “second chance” for our high school students to eat a good, healthy breakfast to start off their day.  Nutrition is so important to help our students learn and develop into strong adults.  We hope our students will take advantage of this new initiative!” said RCHS Principal Jennifer Mattingly.

All Rockcastle County Schools operate under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and provide ALL STUDENTS with free breakfast and free lunch.


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