RCHS VEX Robotics Team Competition

On Saturday, February 13, the RCHS VEX Robotics Teams traveled to Anderson County to participate in the first competition in school history.  There were 45 teams competing, with 3 teams representing Rockcastle County: The A-Team, Titan, and Comets.  The competition for this year is called Nothing But Net, and is made up of 2 two-team alliances trying to score points by placing balls in either a low or high net.  There are also bonus balls that give double points for goals.  To start the match, the alliances have a 15 second time period to score points with information programmed into the robot prior to the match beginning.  Then, the alliances have 1 minute 45 seconds to score more points using a controller similar to the controller for an X-Box.  Each team completed 6 matches with a different alliance for each match.  In addition to the matches, teams can complete a skills challenge where they have 1 minute to try to score as many points as possible without an alliance.


The team members for The A-Team are Jackson Cromer, Tyler Harris, Anthony Houk, Grant Isaacs, Robert Prickett, and Steven Rowe.  They were joined by Ashley Brenda from RCMS.  The A-Team finished in 11th place overall, formed the 6th place alliance, and 27th place in the skills challenge.


The team members for Titan are Sam Brickley, Dylan Bullock, Elizabeth Cameron, Austin Green, Brandon Hammond, Rebekah Lake, John Mullins, and Ben Tyler.  Titan finished in 15th place overall, joined The A-Team in the 6th place alliance, and 23rd place in the skills challenge.


The team members for Comets are James Clay Ballinger, Amelia Berryman, Jacob Bullock, Sydney Lovell, Logan Merritt, and Andy Walker.  Comets finished in 30th place overall and 11th place in the skills challenge.

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