RCMS Attendance Reward Day!

RCMS 6th grade students from the Enterprisers and Voyagers teams, along with the 7th grade Shooting Stars and Adventurers, earned an Attendance Incentive at lunch today—No Assigned Seating!  These two grade levels met the school’s attendance goal of 96% for the past two weeks and were permitted to eat lunch anywhere in the cafeteria and with whomever they chose, even students from the other team. Normally, students are required to sit with their fellow team members and are limited to certain areas in the cafeteria, for supervision.  Principal Marcus Reppert and RCMS teachers commented about how excited the students were to hear the attendance results during this morning’s announcements and have plans to continue this incentive every two weeks for the remainder of the year.   “I’m very proud of our students and their efforts to attend school regularly the past two weeks,” said Mr. Reppert. He added, “Good attendance is so critical to high student achievement.”  We hope that trend continues with all students in Rockcastle County Schools this year!  Enjoy your long Labor Day Weekend!

RCMS Lunch Reward RCMS Lunch Reward RCMS Lunch Reward RCMS Lunch Reward RCMS Lunch Reward RCMS Lunch Reward RCMS Lunch Reward

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