RCMS Attends Kentucky Youth Assembly

Several members of the RCMS Student YMCA attended the Kentucky Youth Assembly on December 13-15 in Louisville.

In their very first KYA, Destiny Adams, Audrey Childress, Darby Smith, and Jenna Wells presented a bill to allow homeschool students, grades 6-12, to participate in public school sponsored extra-curricular activities.  The bill was ranked highly in committee, and passed through the Premiere House and Senate Chambers.  It was then signed into law by the KYA governor and the group received an Outstanding Bill Award.

Also at their first KYA, 6th graders Lara Renner, Reese Coguer, Carson White, and Bryson Atkin presented a bill to require all pet owners to ensure that pets are restrained while in a moving vehicle.  This bill was also ranked highly in committee moved on to be presented in the Premiere Senate Chambers.

8th graders Kylee Fain, Zach Taylor, Reese Sherrow, and Vashaun Alexander presented a bill to require family notification before pictures, videos, or physical descriptions are released to the public through any form of media.  The bill was presented in committee and combined Senate chambers.

Lebrana Sparks, Jaylon Ponder, Gentry Phillips, and Camden Mink presented an act to require random drug tests for all Kentucky students.  This bill was also ranked highly in committee and presented in House Chambers.

Tristan Winstead served on the KYA Leadership Team was chosen to preside over the Premiere Senate Chambers.  Ashlyn Brock represented RCMS well as a Candidate for Executive Committee as did Autumn Courtney as she served on the Media Corp. 7th graders Alexa Bussell and Paige Ruppe served as Parliamentarians.

Congratulations to Lebrana Sparks who received an Outstanding Delegate award and to the group who was honored as a Student YMCA Delegation of Excellence.

kya group (Small)

RCMS students who attended the Kentucky Youth Assembly were:  Ethan Fain, Noah Fain, Caleb Williams, Zach Taylor, Vashaun Alexander, Lara Renner, Liz Renner, Luree Gabbard, Alexis Elam, Kylie Martin, Destiny Adams, Bryson Atkin, Alexa Bussell, Lebrana Sparks, Jenna Wells, Kylee Fain, Allison Coffey, Hannah Ruppe, Karalinn Loudermilk, Ashlyn Brock, Jaylon Ponder, Autumn Courtney, Gentry Phillips, Reese Coguer, Camden Mink, Reese Sherrow, Logan Bowman, Tristan Winstead, Reece McGuire, Carson White, Bryce Smith, Audrey Childress, Justin Mink, Laurel Yates, and Darby Smith.

kya outstanding bill (Small)

At their first KYA ever, Darby Smith, Destiny Adams, Jenna Wells, and Audrey Childress were recognized for the outstanding bill they presented which passed through both the House and the Senate.  The bill was then signed into law by the KYA governor.

kya tristan (Small)

Tristan Winstead was impressive in his Leadership Team role at KYA.  After the first evening, Tristan was chosen to preside over the Premiere Senate.


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