RCMS Builders Club Visits Preschool Students

dylanThe RCMS Builders Club visited with preschool students on Thursday, October 22, 2015.  Dylan Bullen enjoyed helping Sawyer Cash make his shark pumpkin.


Aden Amburgey was one of the readers for the preschoolers at the Christian Appalachian Child Development Center.

arden & spencer

Spencer Begley worked with Arden Carrera to make her pumpkin perfect.


Will Isaacs put his artist talents to work on making a special pumpkin with a student at CAP.


Leann Tankersley did a great job reading for the students at Tic Toc Preschool.

destiny & Ava

Destiny Hamm & Ava Phillips at Tic Toc


Savanna Sweet was a great reader for the kids at CAP as well.

blayne jacob & morgan

Blayne Kelley, Jacob Loudermilk, Col. Sanders and Morgan Johnson took a needed lunch break between preschool visits.


Drew Bullock at CAP.

titus & Dhruv

Titus McGuire and Dhruv Patel at Tic Toc.


Felicity Hopkins


Selena Burdine

Kennedy & Tatum

Kennedy Hopkins and Tatum Isaacs worked together at Tic Toc.


Logan Bullock shared “Too Many Pumpkins.”

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