RCMS “Dollars & Sense Day”

RCMS held their annual “Dollars & Sense Day” on Tuesday.  Through the hands-on learning event, the students role-played with a future career and family, received a paycheck and worked through their monthly financial obligations. After their taxes were deducted, the students began the experience by opening checking and savings accounts.   Students then had the opportunity to go to many stations and purchase a home and car, obtain insurance and pay for other regular monthly household expenses.  The goal of the experience was that at the end of the “month” the students were able to meet their obligations and still have money to put in savings.  While some students have expensive tastes, they learned that they may have to scale down on their expenses to make ends meet. Some took second jobs while others learned to make due with less.

Jarrod Amyx from Northside Baptist Church and Jesse Wright from First Baptist Church worked the donation booth and collected from Taylor Sloat and Valerie Kendrick. Students donated to such cause as their local church, Pennies for Patients, American Red Cross, The United Way, Ronald McDonald House and variety of others.

Twila Burdette from the Rockcastle Regional Child Development Center collects payment from Kayla Bullock.

In addition to our regular monthly bills, we all have those unexpected expenses such as a fractured, a broken heating unit, etc. Chelsea Payne from Rockcastle Regional Hospital shares unexpected news with Kaylan Bullock.

Gentry Phillips was surprised that home, automobile, and medical insurance took quite a chunk out of his teacher salary. Thanks to Bryan Clontz and Brittany Adams from Singleton Insurance Agency for assisting our students.

Jordan Gibbons purchased groceries for his family from Hazel Jackson and Rachel Wright with the Rockcastle Extension Office.

Kyle Coffey stopped by to pay his utility bills with Paula Deborde from Western Rockcastle Water.

John Adams and Joanie Edgington from Citizens Bank assisted Bethan Cromer and Rily Smith with opening their savings and checking accounts.

Lindsey Jones got banking advice from Anthony Asher while Chere Swinney assisted Emily Reynolds. Thanks to Community Trust for volunteering

Casey Coleman and Bailee Deborde shop for an economical vehicle from Gary Gentry with Don Marshall Auto Sales.

Becky Payne, Jill Medley and Crystal Rush from Mt. Vernon City Hall collected taxes from 8th grade Reese McGuire and Aiden Thompson.nse

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