RCMS Dollars & Sense Day

RCMS 8th graders participated in Dollars and Sense Day on Tuesday, March 15th to learn how educational choices affect everyone’s future. Students were given a budget based on aptitude, then assigned variables, such as number of children. They then made their way through booths located in the gym, where many community and staff members were located; here they had to choose housing, automobiles, utilities, and other necessities, based on their budget and family size. Students were able to visit booths with optional items, like entertainment and charitable contributions, last. The students really enjoyed the communications booth, where they got to choose a cell phone package. Students ended with either a PayDay candy bar or a Zero bar, based on their remaining money at the end of the simulation. This simulation was one many students found difficult, but relevant. As one of our 8th graders said at the end of her rotation, “Adulting is hard.”

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