RCMS Student YMCA Members Attend Kentucky Youth Assembly

Fifty-four RCMS Student YMCA members attended the Kentucky Youth Assembly in December.  Jared Carpenter took some time out to meet with the students as they visited the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort.



Seventh graders Bailey Taylor and Evan Hendrickson received awards for an outstanding bill at the closing assembly at KYA. The bill to help reduce sports injuries was also co-authored by J.D. Hamilton and Cayden Shaver. The bill made it to the KYA Governor after passing through the senate chamber.

T, J, A, &Leb

The bill to require senior drivers to complete a driving, vision, and hearing test by premier authors Tristan Winstead, Jaylon Ponder, Ashlyn Brock, and Lebrana Sparks was presented very well in Frankfort before being very narrowly defeated at the Capital Annex.

Zoe,LE, R, & M

J, E, E &Cole

Other bill authors included Joseph Coffey, Emily Hall, Emma Bullens, Lea Ellen Rogers, and Zoe Burdette along with their co-authors Rebekah Lake, Megan Eversole, and Cole Ballinger. All of them also did excellent in presenting their bills. Way to go to all RCMS KYA delegates!


Sixth grader Logan Bowman received an award as an outstanding delegate at KYA.

Capitol Bill

RCMS had the top ranked premier bill by bill authors, Zachary Taylor, Bailee Allen, Kylie Fain, and Dawson Nicely. The bill, which required high school students to take life saving courses, then passed through the House of Representatives in the Capitol and was signed into law by the KYA Governor. The group posed for a photo with Jared Carpenter after presenting at the Capitol.


Jackson Cromer served in a Leadership position and presided over bill presentations at the House chambers on Friday afternoon. Sarah Ponder who served as a parliamentarian at KYA assisted Jackson in one of his sessions.


Governor candidate Sarah Roberts made it through the primary elections. After an awesome campaign speech, Sarah was defeated in a tight race. She ran a great campaign and made our club proud.

Mackenzie Payne also served as a parliamentarian and did great assisting the leaders in other legislative sessions. Lauryn Carpenter also served in special role with her position in Media Corp.

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