RCMS Students Participate in KY Youth Assembly

Forty-nine delegates from RCMS participated in the Kentucky Youth Assembly on November 5-7.  RCMS thanks all of them for the excellent way that they represented our school.

KYA Delegates

After much campaigning and awesome speeches, Candidate Garrett Hamilton was elected to preside as Speaker of the House for next year’s Kentucky Youth Assembly.

Garrett Hamilton

Journey McGuire received an outstanding delegate award and Emma Ballinger received an outstanding speaker award.Journey & Emma

Bill authors Sarah Barron, Emma Ballinger, Kendra Gibson, and Bailey Bullock presented their bill regarding requiring ACT prep in all schools.  The bill was one of few at the assembly that was voted into law.RCMS KYA

Destiny Adams served in a leadership role presiding over the committees as bills were presented.Destiny Adams

Darby Smith also presided over committees.  Darby and Destiny both attended trainings to learn how to conduct the sessions and did a great job.Darby Smith

Bill authors Journey McGuire, Candace Mahaffey, Kylie Martin and Molly Craig wrote and presented a great bill requiring pets be restrained in automobiles to prevent distracted driving.Bill Authors

6th grade bill authors Ethan Gibson, Noah Phillips, Landon Reppert, and Joseph Elam presented a bill that would require schools to offer bottled water as a choice at lunch.Bill AuthorsKamryn Medley, Jordan Carpenter, Paige Cash and Emily Thacker attended their first KYA and were bill authors promoting that drivers lose their license after being caught driving under the influence of drugs.


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