RES 100th Day of School Activities

Friday, February 28, 2014 (The 100th day of school) Mrs. Kelley’s 2nd grade class wore very creative hats. Each hat had ten little strips attached to them, each strip had ten stars on them. Mrs. Kelley said that her class did this to count to 100’s by counting by 10’s.

ms pam 100 day

2nd Grade 100th Day Skit at RES

To celebrate the 100th day of school at RES, the 2nd graders performed a reader’s theater for the 5th grade. The skit was titled Make Up Your Mind! It was about two indecisive kids who wanted to know all 100 flavors of ice cream before deciding which on which flavor they wanted. This skit was very cute, and very funny. Thank you, 2nd grade, for putting on this wonderful performance.

Written by 5th grade reporter, Hannah Neeley.

100 days

On the 100th day of school, Mrs. Hurst’s 5th grade class did activities every 100 minutes. Some activities involved teams, and other activities were individual. Activities included: linking together 100 paperclips and measuring to see how many feet it equaled, adding teacher’s ages together to total 100, estimating how far 100 feet was from our classroom, and drawing portraits of themselves to have classmates try to guess who was who.

zeke's 100 year self poitrait

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