RES 4th Grade Science Experiment Results

Breaking News at RES by Carter Powell and Makyla Hester

Reporter C.P: Earlier in the week, the fourth grade classes did a science experiment!

Reporter M.H: Our experiment was Mentos and pop!

Reporter C.P: Our class experimented with diet Coke and regular Coke as the variable.

Reporter M.H: Our constants were half a pack of Mentos for each pop, and we used a paper funnel, in case you didn’t know. We tried to put the Mentos in at the same time, but that didn’t work too well. The diet Coke exploded two yards high, and the regular Coke exploded about a yard high. Surprisingly, Mrs. Fairchild didn’t get wet!

Reporter C.P: So then we watched Mrs. Gatliff’s class and their diet Coke went about a yard and a half, but not all the Mentos went in so it wasn’t fair. So that is the daily news by Carter Powell and Makyla Hester from Mrs. Fairchild’s class.

Reporter M.H: Goodbye!

Reporter C.P: And have a great day!



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