RES Pioneer Day

Submitted by Patrick Webb

Have you ever thought about what a day in the life of a pioneer was like?  Students at Roundstone Elementary got to experience a day in the life of a pioneer through PIONEER DAY.  This day was planned in conjunction with Parent/Teacher Midterm Conferences.  This was a good day for adults and children to learn how to weave baskets, carve wood, make butter, make brooms, and play games of long ago like tag, drop the ribbon, and pass the button.  We also got to experience what PIONEERS looked like by dressing in pioneer clothes.  Ms. Charlene Gentry taught us to weave baskets.  Justin Burton taught us to make a brooms.  He used a special weed from Mexico and a string that can hold 180 lbs.  Will Bondurant taught us to whittle.  We also learned how to make butter by using heavy whipping cream. You have to put the whipping cream in a jar and shake it until you have a big clump of butter.  This butter was better than what we buy!!  Now you know what some Roundstone PIONEERS did on PIONEER DAY.

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