RES Students Experience Life is Cool Program

On Thursday October 8th Roundstone School’s fourth and fifth grades visited the Rockcastle County Middle School for a Life is Cool program. First, we visited the blood group. It was cool because it was slimy and felt like fish. The red beads represents the red blood cells. The white beads represents white blood cells. The pink beads represents little platelets. Next, we visited the heart station. They talked to us about where the heart is located. It is located on the left side of your chest and is also got two tube like things one is called artery because they are thick. The other one is veins they are the thinner one. Then we went to the kidney station and they talked to us about the kidney. They are located in the lower sides of your back. The kidney makes urine and makes us pee. Finally we went to the lungs. They help you breath. They said they take in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide. It is important that you don not smoke and always wear your seat belt in case you were in a car accident. That is how your body works.

Written by: Walker Goosey

5th Grade form Mr. Woodall’s Class

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