RES Third Graders are Really on the Ball!

Mrs. Peavie’s class is really on the ball—literally. They actually sit on stability balls during class!

Zeke Ross and Hannah Neeley fifth grade reporters from Roundstone Elementary interviewed Mrs. Peavie’s class to find out more about benefits of using stability balls in classrooms.

Questions for the class.

Q: Who gets to sit on stability balls?

A: “Kids who get 100% on a test get stability balls.” – Ethan Chandler

Q: Why did you start using stability balls?

A: “You burn calories all day and it gives you better exercise.” –Joe Pickle

 Questions for Mrs. Peavie

Q: Where did you get the idea for stability balls?

A: “I saw another teacher at Mt. Vernon using them.”-Mrs. Peavie

Q: Are there certain things that students have to do to earn/get stability balls taken away?

A “Student have to take a test on an article about stability balls. If they don’t get 100%, they don’t get a ball. If they break a rule, they get them taken away for one week. If it’s bad enough, two weeks.” –Mrs. Peavie.

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