RES UNITE and Make a Difference Food Drive

RES UNITE and Make a Difference Food Drive –¬†November 14-18, 2016

Each year the UNITE Club has a variety of projects that they will be working on. One of those projects is the community project in which the students organize and plan an event that will make a difference in their community. Our 4th and 5th grade UNITE Clubs at Roundstone have organized a food drive for the Family Resource Center Backpack Program from November 14-18, 2016. This program helps students who are in need of snacks over the weekend. The items donated need to be snacks that do not have to be refrigerated.

unite-food-drive-2016Each day we are asking for different snacks to be donated. Please refer list below to know which items to send each day.  All donations will be greatly appreciated and we appreciate all the support to the projects of our UNITE Clubs this year!

  • Monday, November 14th – Jell-O Pudding cups, applesauce cups, fruit cups
  • Tuesday, November 15th – cereal bars, Rice Krispie treats, pop tarts
  • Wednesday, November 16th – NABS, peanut butter crackers, cheese filled crackers
  • Thursday, November 17th – pretzels, raisins, gold fish crackers,
  • Friday, November 18th – Juice boxes or item of your choice

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