RES UNITE Club Meeting

DON’T EVER pick up a cigarette! There are many things in a cigarette that you don’t want in your life!  At Roundstone Elementary School, there was a Unite Club meeting on October 25, 2013. Ms. Angie Thacker told the fourth and fifth grade students about smoking and what smoking can do to you. She told us what was in cigarettes. There are many bad ingredients in cigarettes like rat poison, gasoline, lighter fluid, sewer gas, and many other horrible particles. She showed us a picture of a healthy lung and a tar filled lung and told us that if you start smoking at sixteen you could be on an oxygen tank by the time you are forty. She told us that when you smoke you can’t breathe.  I’m pretty sure that the students realize that even one cigarette can hurt you badly. Many of the kids learned to never ever smoke.  That is what happened at the Roundstone Unite meeting.  Seth Sizemore, student reporter

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