Rockcastle County JROTC Competes in Mountain Raider

On April 29, 2017 the Raider team from Rockcastle County High School’s JROTC Program, competed in the annual Mountain Raider Challenge. The event was hosted by the Knox County JROTC Program and the members of the National Guard on the Harold L. Disney National Guard Training Site in Artemus, Kentucky. Each school was allowed to bring ten cadets to compete in the events. The cadets competed individually to earn their Mountain Raider Tab to wear on their uniforms. Although this was an individual competition, the school with the most cadets that earned the tab, would win a trophy.

To earn the tab, cadets had to pass a series of challenging tasks. They began with an APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) where cadets had to score the same as a regular army soldier. The APFT included forty-two push-ups for the guys and 19 push-ups for the girls, fifty-three sit-ups for the boys and girls and a two mile run. After the APFT there we other difficult tasks that the cadets had to pass, these tasks include: the rappel tower (all cadets rappelled from a thirty foot tower wearing harnesses and helmets with no training practice), land navigation (cadets were given a compass and a heading along with a distance to travel, and told to find four points), and first aid testing (cadets were given a thirty question test on first aid). In addition the raiders had to complete an obstacle course with a series of obstacles.

The final task of the day was a three mile road march where the cadets had to carry seven pound rifles and march in a battalion with six other schools and not pass their guide. After the road march was the awards ceremony. Billy Boggs and David Peavie earned their well-deserved Mountain Raider Tab while Amber Doan and Lydia Walker earned their Raider Rope.

Mountain Raider Team: Jacob Lamb, Tyler Wood, Amber Doan, Cody Morris, Shawna Mink, Elizabeth Barron, Lydia Walker, Billy Boggs and David Peavie  Other Cadets: Sebastian Poynte r, Ethan Saylor, and Hannah Cloepfil

Billy Boggs receiving tab

David Peavie receiving tab




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