Rockcastle Drill Team Competes in Alvin C. York Competition

Sixteen Cadets from the Rockcastle Battalion Drill Team competed in the Alvin C. York Drill Competition at Jamestown, Tennessee December the 8th, 2018.

The first event of the day was the colorguard portion of the competition commanded by Cadet Command Sergeant Major Hunter Medley. Cadet Second Lieutenant Sarah Pride was the state flag and Cadets Cager Doan and Eli Price were the left and right riflemen, respectively.

Next, Squad #1, commanded by Cadet First Sergeant Andrew Didelot, competed in the squad drill portion of York. Squad #1 consisted of Cadets Chanler Cole, Toby Kirby, Hayley Allen, J.J. Clouse, Zac Robinson, Zachary Fetters, and Madison Bryant.

After Squad #1 came Squad #2, which was commanded by Cadet Staff Sergeant Eli Price and consisted of Cadets Hunter Medley, Caleb Tompkins, Andrew Durham, Jacob Rice, Sarah Pride, Alex Robinson, and Cager Doan.

Last competition of the day was the Armed IDR, which was a portion of the competition where Cadets must follow the drilling orders of a singular Drill Sergeant as closely as they can, whilst being graded by patrolling Drill Sergeants.

At the award ceremony near the end of the day, Rockcastle County received a custom participation streamer for the battalion’s guide-on. All the Cadets who participated in this competition performed excellently and to the best of their abilities. We would like to thank the organizers of the Alvin C. York Drill competition for taking the time to set up and oversee the event, as well as the Drill Sergeants who took time out of their days to grade cadets throughout the event.

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