Rockcastle JROTC Dining-In

By: CDT 1LT Ryan Martin

Rockcastle County JROTC held their first annual Dining-In on Friday, March 24th. The event consisted of a tribute to the US Military Forces, a dinner catered by Limestone Grill, a tribute to the seniors and their parents, a slideshow reviewing the many events of the past year and a special awards presentation by the Senior Army Instructor, CPT Jeffery Thompson.

Cadet SSG Anthony Neeley, a LET 2 in the JROTC program, stated the following:

“The JROTC Dining-In was an official event for all participating cadets to attend. We students got to come together to socialize and have a formal event for the recognition of outstanding cadets. The experience was great because we could come together to talk and have fun but also be exposed to a formal setting. To me, the Dining-In was more about reflecting on the year as a battalion than anything else. We got to remember all the best times that we had throughout the year, and see what the teams were doing and when.”

Cadet CPL J.J. Clouse, a LET 1, offered his input as well:

“During the JROTC Dining-In I was able to experience many things that I never thought would be possible, since I’m not part of any of the teams. During this event, I was able to enjoy being at the event with many friends, some of which I consider to be family. I am only a freshman and I have already gotten to experience my very first change in command between battalion commanders. I will hate to see some of my friends go, but I was happy to get to spend this formal event with them as a final formal gathering.”

The special awards and the cadets that received them are as follows:

Army Superior Cadet Award– Chanler Cole, David Peavie, Benton Kuntz, Clare Beichler, Victoria Boggs

American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award- Ryan Martin

Eastern Kentucky University Deans’ Achievement Award- Victoria Barron

JROTC Good Conduct Award- Serena Shackleford

Kentucky National Guard Junior ROTC Distinguished Cadet Medal- Holden Abrams

Daughters of the American Revolution Award- Tara Mink

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Award- Adrianne Walker

The Association of the United States Army JROTC Award- Marina Blevins

The Military Officers Association Award- Victoria Boggs

The National Sojourners JROTC Award- Jacob Collins

The Reserve Officers Association JROTC Award– Dustin Gentry

The Retired Enlisted Association Award­ Shetarra Prickett

The Military Order of the World Wards Award- Zachary Nelson

The Military Order Purple Heart JROTC Award- Matthew Gadd

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Award- Robert Davis

The 82nd Airborne Association Award- Elijah Vaught

The American Legion Military Excellence Award- Clare Beichler

The Military Order of the Dadelions JROTC Award- Steven Rowe

The Army JROTC Leadership Award- Jake Neeley, Hannah Johnston, Aleya Powell, Paige Fowler, Sebastian Poynter

Student Government Award- Clare Beichler



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