Rockcastle JROTC Participates in Inspection

Several Cadets participated in the triennial Joint Program of Accreditation December the 4th, which includes two mandatory briefings, a platoon drill inspection, a colorguard inspection, and a Cadet portfolio inspection.

Cadets Amber Doan, Aleya Powell, Hunter Medley, and the rest of the battalion staff presented the Battalion Improvement Plan, which consisted of the plan our battalion took to improve Cadets’ understanding and knowledge of general JROTC information and leadership capabilities.

Cadets Jake Neeley, Sarah Pride, and Madison Bryant were responsible for presenting the overview of our 2018 service learning project at the Saltpetre cave where we assisted the Ohio Cave Grotto association in parking before the event, kitchen and cave duties during the event, and clean-up after the event.

After the presentations, the platoon drill inspection, commanded by Cadet Command Sergeant Major Hunter Medley and consisting of Cadets Eli Price, Christopher McCoy, Richie Clouse, J.J. Clouse, Tyler Navarre, Zachary Poyle, Gabriel Tackett, Cager Doan, Madison Bryant, Sarah Pride, Kensie Sheffield, and Cody Morris marched in sequence for the platoon drill portion of the JPA.

Next was the colorguard inspection, commanded by Cadet First Sergeant Chanler Cole, with Cadet Sergeant J.J. Clouse as the state flag, Cadet Sergeant Cager Doan as the left rifleman, and Cadet Staff Sergeant Eli Price as the right rifleman.

Last was the portfolio inspections. For the LET I’s, Cadets Caleb Thompkins, Izzy Clouse, and Alex Robinson had their cadet portfolios inspected for quality and completeness and were asked questions pertaining to their future and understanding in and of the battalion. For the LET II’s, Cadets Cager Doan, Eli Price, and Richie Clouse’s portfolios were inspected. For the LET III’s, Cadets Chanler Cole and Andrew Didelot portfolios were inspected, and they were asked questions relating to their leadership positions and personnel. Finally, for the LET IV’s, Cadets Sebastian Poynter and Larry Vanwinkle’s portfolios were inspected and were asked questions relating to their work in the company and battalion, as well as their future beyond high school.

After the inspection was completed, the Rockcastle County Rocket Battalion scored ninety-nine percent overall for the JPA, earning the Honor Unit with Distinction qualification, keeping our gold star for another three years. This score was also the highest score in our battalion’s history. We would like to thank Mrs. Mattingly, Mr. Bussell, and Maj. Ramsey from the Clinton County JROTC Battalion for attending. We would also like to thank Mr. Owens for observing and grading us during our 2018 – 19 year inspection.

Inspection Inspection Inspection Inspection Inspection Inspection

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