Rockcastle Raider Teams Completes in Challenge Competition

Eighteen Rockcastle Raider Team Cadets traveled to Clay County High School on September 30, 2017, for their Raider Challenge Competition.  The team was highly motivated performing their best on each event. The competition consisted of five events: B-Bails (Mountain Course), One Rope Bridge, Tug-o-War, Obstacle Course, and the Mystery Event. On each event, the team was required to have two females and eight males.

The team got off to a fast start by our running the obstacle course. The course included rotating monkey bars, vaults, walls, and balance beams. The team comprised of Ethan Saylor, Amber Doan, Billy Boggs, Elijah Vaught, David Peavie, Cody Morris, Lydia Walker, Sebastian Poynter, Charles Kuntz, and Chandler Cole, completed the course in seven minutes and fifty seconds.

The second event would test the team’s skills and strength as a unit, the B-Bails.  Our team did a phenomenal job completing the task through teamwork and determination. B-Bails was a mountain trek with strenuous obstacles placed throughout the course to test the team’s ability to adjust and recognize each other’s weaknesses. The team ran three fourths of a mile with physical challenges spread across the mountain. On the course they had to carry at various times; 16 small tires; ammo cans, sand bags, logs, two five-gallon jerry cans, and a two hundred pound stretcher carry. The Cadets on this Team were: Ethan Saylor, Amber Doan, David Peavie, Billy Boggs, Charles Kuntz, Shawna Mink, Elijah Vaught, Cody Morris, Cager Doan, and Sebastian Poynter who placed second with a time of thirteen minutes and twenty-three seconds.

The one rope bridge was the next event that had a team of cadets cross a 60 foot span on a single rope.  Cadets had to tie a Swiss seat (harness made of rope) to cross to the other side without touching the dead zone (place set by the graders that the cadets cannot cross under any circumstance). The team (Ethan Saylor, Amber Doan, David Peavie, Billy Boggs, Charles Kuntz, Lydia Walker, Elijah Vaught, Cody Morris, Chandler Cole, and Sebastian Poynter) completed the crossing with a solid time of two minutes and forty-six seconds.

Clay County put together a Mystery Event which encouraged our team to have to think and work together. The team was required to do 50 timed pull-ups then make their way across three “islands” using three boards of different lengths.  Our team completed this task in eleven minutes and nine seconds with a surprising two “fatalities” (two people stepping into the dead zone).

Our team placed second in the B-Bails (Mountain Run) event but most important we were challenged to do our best and grow as a team.  This competition was one important step in preparing our Raider Team for the Raider Nationals the Army has set for November in Georgia.

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