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Some of the RCHS and RCMS Archery Team members began their season last Friday at the Madison Central/Glenn Marshall Tournament in Richmond.

The RCHS team was led by Freshman Brylee Gill.  Brylee led the team with a score of 283 which included a perfect 50 round from 10 meters.  Brylee placed 7th out of 57 high school female archers.  In her first ever high school division competition, she hit the bullseye 14 times.

The top male shooter for RCHS was junior Joseph Cowan with a score of 271.  Freshman Leann Tankersley also scored 271 in her first high school tournament.  It was a good night for juniors Rebekah Lake, Megan Taylor and Kim Wheat who scored 269, 266, and 263 respectively.  Rebekah and Joseph both scored a perfect ten 11 times.

Rounding out the 12 to help RCHS to their team score of 3010 was Kim Wheat, Sam Brickley, Jackson Cromer, Maggie Franklin, Ben Tyler, Sara Daugherty, and Felecity Hopkins.

For Rockcastle Middle, Gentry Phillips was the top shooter with a score of 261 including one 10-meter score of 48.  TJ Ramsey also shot well for RCMS with a score of 253.

The top female shooter for the middle school team was 6th grader Allison McCoy in her first middle division appearance.

Finishing out the top 12 shooters and adding to the team score of 2773, were Michael McCoy, Liz Renner, Emily Maupin, Alex Robinson, Jillian Wallin, Kyle Coffey, Caden Napier, James Kirby and Brooke Renner.


This year’s RCMS team is 36 members strong. Representing the team on Friday were: (Kneeling) TJ Ramsey, Adam Kimsey, Makayla Eldridge, Kaleb Eldridge, Alex Robinson, and James Kirby. Standing: Luke Cromer, Emily Ashcraft, Allison McCoy, Michael McCoy, Brooke Renner, Liz Renner, Lara Renner, Emily Maupin, Jillian Wallin, Emily Sturgill, Gentry Phillips, Kyle Coffey, Caden Napier, and Trace Boone.


The archers who represented RCHS team at the Madison Central/Glenn Marshall Tournament in Richmond last Friday were: Sara Daugherty, Felecity Hopkins, Sam Brickley, Megan Taylor, Ben Tyler, Kim Wheat, Maggie Franklin, Jackson Cromer, Brylee Gill, Joseph Cowan, Leann Tankersley and Rebekah Lake.


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