Roundstone Elementary Art Day at the High School

By Abby Owens 5th grader @ Roundstone Elementary School

Some of my classmates and I went to the high school for a day of art. We did many fun things with Christmas and dinosaurs.

The first thing we did was paint on the windows!   I know you probably don’t believe it, but I got to paint a snowman.  Yes, on the windows.  There were pictures on the outside to make it easier to paint and outline. When we finished painting, we got breakfast and headed to the upstairs.

While we were there, we worked with a high schooler on a dinosaur scavenger hunt.  I had to dig through scattered papers to find the correct item. I didn’t win, but everybody got some candy.

Afterwards, we went into Mr. Scalf’s art room. That was when we feasted on pizza and cookies.  Yum!  Then we were paired up with another high schooler to help us with our Dino water colors. I sketched an Ankylosaurs and added a background. We painted our pictures with watercolors.

Finally, we were paired up with another bunch of high schoolers. This time they helped us make clay dinosaurs. We created a flat circle to make it look like a fossil is coming out. I created a Triceratops.

This was a wonderful trip.  We learned many things.  This opportunity helped our creativity and social skills.  How creative are you?

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