RES 4th Graders LOVE Sigmon Farm Field Day Event

Breaking News: Roundstone Fourth Graders LOVE Sigmon Farm Field Day Event

By Bethany Chasteen & Breydan Kendrick

To start the day off, we went on a field trip to Sigmon Farm. Everyone got a hayride to different stations. At one of the stations, we learned about the different types of food farmers provide for us. At the next station, we learned how pumpkins grow. At the third station, we learned about soil erosion and how to prevent it. Then we learned how bees made honey. At the next station, we also learned about the water cycle and how the water can be poisoned. At another station, we learned about healthy drinks and unhealthy drinks. After the stations, we all met together and got hotdogs or hamburgers, chips, dessert, and pop. When we were finished with our food, we all went and played. Then we all loaded up on the bus to go back to school. This is all we did for a very fun and tiring day.


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