Roundstone’s Kentucky Derby Testing Theme

Roundstone students were engaged and motivated the week before K-PREP testing with a Derby theme. The students experienced an appreciation and understanding of this important event in our commonwealth of Kentucky, but also discovered this foundation of our cultural and economic identity. On Opening Day, students created “Silks”. Students enjoyed a variety of breakfast muffins, pancakes, and donuts for Dawn at the Downs. During Champions Day, we participated in field day events. On Friday, Kentucky Oaks Day, students understood the concept of traditions and their place in both family and community. They recognized and described well-known Kentucky Derby traditions, and they understood how traditions make our lives more full. The students also exhibited good role-playing skills. Students and staff dressed Derby attire for the running of the 1st grade Derby, the girls ran in the “Lillies for Fillies, and boys ran the “Run for the Roses”.

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