School District Ups Some Test Scores

District’s overall score remains the same

By: Mike French, Mt. Vernon Signal

The Kentucky Department of Education has released the 2015 assessment results for school districts across the state.  Rockcastle County Schools received the same overall score and are ranked in the same percentile as the 2014 scores, according to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

However, the Rockcastle Area Technology Center received a first place ranking in the area of college and career readiness among all Area Technology Centers across the state, according to Rebecca Isaacs, Rockcastle County Schools Student Service Director.

Also on the rise in Rockcastle County this year is the graduation rate, Isaacs said.

Superintendent David Pensol said he is proud of the growth in the county. “Rockcastle County Schools continue to progress in the state accountability system.  We are proud of our growth in graduation rate from 93.0 in 2014 to 96.7 in 2015 which is above the state rate of 88.9” he said.  “Not only are our students graduating from high school, but they are better prepared for college or a career after high school.”

The KDE scores rank school systems in three categories.  “Distinguished, Proficient and Needs Improvement.”

Brodhead Elementary School scored a 72.2 which is 0.8 points less than the 2014 score but still listed in the Proficient category.  The school dropped from the 90 percentile group to 88 percentile.

Roundstone Elementary also dropped from a score of 74.8 in 2014 to 71.3 this year and from the 93 percentile to 85 percentile.  However, Roundstone Elementary also remains in the “Proficient” category.

Mount Vernon Elementary raised its overall score from 60.6 last year to 66.8 this year and jumped upwards in percentile from 41 to 68, increasing the school’s overall percentile by 27 points.  However, MVES is still listed in the “Needs Improvement/Progressing” category.

RCHS also raised its overall score from 65.3 to 66.8 and increased its percentile from 43 to 50 for a 7 percentile jump.  The school is also listed in the category of “Needs Improvement/Progressing.”

RCMS dropped its overall score from 63.3 to 61.9 and decreased its percentile ranking from 58 to 53.  RCMS is listed in the category of “Needs Improvement.”

The Rockcastle County School system as a whole kept the same overall score of 65.8 and remained in the same percentile of 65 listing the county in the category of “Needs Improvement.”

Pensol said the system is continuing to move forward.  “The schools in Rockcastle County operate under a continuous school improvement model that focuses on all areas of the educational process including individual student success, excellence in instruction, highly trained teachers and leaders, and quality facilities along with supportive families and community,” said Pensol.  “As a district, we continue to move forward in the instructional process, preparing students for college and careers.”

According to Isaacs, the Rockcastle County School Board members and Superintendent plan to discuss the KDE scores and ranking in more detail during the regular school board meeting on Tuesday, October 13th.

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