Smiles All Around

How do you like them apples? Two weeks ago, Mrs. Fairchild’s and Mr. Woodall’s fourth grade classes learned how to make a tasty treat called Apple Lips. That day we were learning about the text features of technical writing and how to read and follow directions. We also reviewed the five food groups.  There’s fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and grains. The foods that we used were fruits, protein, and some junk food (marshmallows). The hard part was following directions. It was pretty hard if I do say so myself. Here’s how we made them. We put some peanut butter on one side of two apple slices, then we used eight marshmallows to make the teeth. We put marshmallows in the middle and they stuck together because of the peanut butter. After we made them, we ate them. They were good. This is Bryson Atkin reporting. Thank you.

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