Special Guest Readers Help Celebrate “Read Around Brodhead”

Brodhead Elementary students have been visited by many special guests to help celebrate “Read Around Brodhead.” Former teachers, community members, government officials, and parents have taken time out of their busy days to share the importance of reading to our students. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have and will visit Brodhead to share their love of reading.

On October 30th in connection with our “Read Around Brodhead and the celebration of upcoming Halloween, Brodhead Elementary will be conducting a school-wide Storybook Parade.  The entire student body and staff will be dressing up as their favorite storybook character.  Students can choose to dress as any character they want as long it is not a scary, dead-like zombie, Freddy Kruger, etc.

The parade will begin at the school at 1 PM and travel from Silver to West Street then onto Main Street until they reach Citizens bank, where they will take a right on Short Street and return to BES via Silver Street.  The students will be lined up by classrooms and escorted by the Brodhead Volunteer Fire Department.  We would appreciate it if our parents and community could support our parade by lining the sidewalks of the parade route and cheering for our students as they travel along the path.

There are a variety of areas that you may park at along the route.  Dollar General Store, Brodhead Christian Church, Dairy Delite, and the parking lot across or beside Citizens Bank are several options.

Our teachers are always concerned about our students’ safety. Therefore, we are not allowing parents to walk in the parade. Also, we will please ask that you would not ask students to get out of line to take their pictures. We need you as the audience so our children can strut their stuff, but more importantly we need to be able to keep our eyes on all of our children. We will return to school well before 3 PM and have our regular walker, parent pick-up and bus dismissal.

We are asking our local businesses to participate by coming out of their business and cheering on our students. Thank you so much for all the help you can give us in making this happen.  If you have questions please feel free to contact Mr. Derrick at Brodhead Elementary and we will try to answer your questions.

The parade lineup will start with our kindergarten classrooms and conclude with our 5th grade students. We will be departing the BES bus loop promptly at 1:00.  If there is rain, the storybook parade will be moved indoors, and visitors will be welcomed into the gym.


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