Standing Strong at Roundstone Elementary

Standing Strong

By: Haley McClure, Gracie Peavie, and Makaylee McNally 5th grade reporters

On Friday, October 20, 2017 the Stand Strong Team came to Roundstone Elementary School.  This was the kick off for Red Ribbon Week.  It was an incredible experience.  Team members did many strongman stunts such as breaking concrete blocks, bending a metal bar with their teeth, and lifting two young students in the air with the metal bar.  What did all this have to do with standing strong?  When the team broke the concrete blocks their message was that in life there are walls that come up but God can help you knock them down.  The message for bending the metal bar was that life sometimes has many bends in the road.  We must stay on course.  The message for lifting up two students was that we should hang on to our dreams and don’t let drugs knock you off.  So remember, don’t do drugs and when facing hard times God will guide you.

Standing Strong at RES Standing Strong at RES Standing Strong at RES Standing Strong at RES

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