Students Attend Kentucky Youth Conference

On November twenty fourth through the twenty sixth the Rockcastle County High School Y-Club participated in the Kentucky Youth Conference in Louisville. The Kentucky Youth Conference is a three day experiential learning conference where students participate in a simulation of the democratic processes of the Kentucky State Government. While at this conference our students presented bills they had written prior to the conference, publically debated bills from other schools, argued cases in the Supreme Court, documented the conference with the Media Corps, and ran for political offices. This conference provides our students with the skills and knowledge to be the agents of change for the future. Ethan Mattingly and Michaela Barron participated as candidates with Kelsey Mattingly and Michaela Hurt serving as their respective campaign managers. Rachel Cain and Rakhi Patel brought a bill about driving regulations that was passed into law. Brad Taylor and Micheala Hurt brought a highly debatable bill about mental health. Andrew Ponder and Andrew Barrett brought a bill about CPR in schools that passed both houses. Shelby Ponder, Laney Poynter, and Lee Lear argued a case in the Supreme Court. Ethan Elliot served as a parliamentarian. Kelsey Mattingly and Rebekah Ponder served in the media corps. All of our delegates spoke in sessions and did a wonderful job representing Rockcastle County.


Photo starting in the front from left to right.

Ethan Mattingly

Micheala Hurt, Michaela Barron, Rakhi Patel, Kelsey Mattingly, Thomas Burdette

Ethan Elliot, Jacob Taylor, Brianna Burdette, Kellan Coffey, Rachel Cain, Mckinzii Todd

Andrew Ponder, Andrew Barrett, Lucas Gentry, Lucas Jones, Rebekah Ponder

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