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BES Arts Day

Arts Day at Brodhead Elementary offered students and teachers the opportunity to display their artistic touch to enhance the classroom curriculum. Students were provided fun and educational art experiences that were designed for kindergarten through fifth grade students to build on their artistic abilities. The Arts Day experience was able to ignite creativity in students… Continue Reading BES Arts Day

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BES Students Attend “Kid’s Gala Concert”

Brodhead Elementary 4th graders attended The 23rd Annual “Kid’s Gala Concert” at Eastern Kentucky University on Monday, September 14th.  Our students enjoyed learning about the instruments involved in an orchestra as well as hearing various songs played by the EKU Symphony Orchestra.  After the concert our students had lunch at Lake Reba, where they enjoyed… Continue Reading BES Students Attend “Kid’s Gala Concert”

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Brodhead Kindergarten Derby

Brodhead Elementary Kindergarten students participated in their “Kindergarten Derby” on Friday, May 1st.  They have been studying about Kentucky and learning new things about their state.  The students got to paint a shirt with a horse on it for the race.  The winner of the “Brodhead Kindergarten Derby” was Harley McKinney.

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Berea Scholars “Leadership Through Service” Project

Rockcastle County High School Berea Scholars students participated in a “Leadership Through Service” project for the spring of 2015.  The scholars visited Brodhead Elementary kindergarten classes and Tic Toc Preschool in Mt. Vernon.  The scholars read to the students and did an art activity. They volunteered their time, helped the students, and enjoyed being with… Continue Reading Berea Scholars “Leadership Through Service” Project

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BES Art Extravaganza Night

Brodhead Elementary Art Extravaganza Night

Thursday, May 21   |   5:00 – 7:30 PM   |   $2 at the door

Every student at Brodhead Elementary will have art displayed. Students have worked very hard on their artwork and want to show it off!  During the art show, there will be live musical performances, clogging, concessions,… Continue Reading BES Art Extravaganza Night

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Tooth Fairy Visits BES 1st Grade

Students in Ms. Starla Benge’s first grade class at Brodhead Elementary School enjoyed a visit from the tooth fairy on March 19, 2015.

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Brodhead Elementary Named Distinguished School

On Monday, January 12, Superintendent David Pensol presented Brodhead Elementary students and staff with a Distinguished School banner based on their 2014 KPREP Assessment results.  Congratulations on your achievement!

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Brodhead Elementary BIT Cookbook

Brodhead Elementary has revamped the BIT Cookbook form the early 90’s.  The cookbooks have all the original recipes plus some new staff favorites. The price of the cookbook is $10. Purchase yours by calling 606-758-8512 or email bryanna.mullins@rockcastle.kyschools.us.


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BES 5th Grade Native American Presentation

The 5th grade recently completed a unit of study on Native Americans. During the unit students learned various cultural components that made different regions of Native Americans unique. The culminating activity was a presentation that included a power point and a ceremonial dance that incorporated student made masks.

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Tiger Pride Stride – Oct. 9th

Brodhead Elementary School Tiger Pride Stride will be Thursday, October 9th.  Registration will begin at 6 PM and the race begins at 7 PM.

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