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6th and 7th Grade Mini Dollars & Sense Day

On Friday, several 8th graders became the ones to collect the payments instead of the ones to pay their bills.  They helped the 6th and 7th grade students in a mini-version of Dollars & Sense Day.

Thank you to all of the students who worked all day to teach younger students about budgeting:  Sierra Akemon,… Continue Reading 6th and 7th Grade Mini Dollars & Sense Day

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RCMS “Dollars & Sense” Day

Dollars & Sense Day

With the help of the Rockcastle County Extension office, community members, and RCMS staff, RCMS hosted  a financial simulation program for the 8th graders called “Dollars & Sense Day.”  The event introduced students to the “financial realities” associated with adulthood:  provision of food, clothing, shelter, etc. for a family and how these relate to career… Continue Reading RCMS “Dollars & Sense” Day

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RCMS “Dollars & Sense Day”

RCMS held their annual “Dollars & Sense Day” on Tuesday.  Through the hands-on learning event, the students role-played with a future career and family, received a paycheck and worked through their monthly financial obligations. After their taxes were deducted, the students began the experience by opening checking and savings accounts.   Students then had the opportunity… Continue Reading RCMS “Dollars & Sense Day”

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RCMS Dollars & Sense Day

RCMS 8th graders participated in Dollars and Sense Day on Tuesday, March 15th to learn how educational choices affect everyone’s future. Students were given a budget based on aptitude, then assigned variables, such as number of children. They then made their way through booths located in the gym, where many community and staff members were located; here they had… Continue Reading RCMS Dollars & Sense Day

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