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RCHS Red Ribbon Week Themes

RCHS Red Ribbon Week Themes:

  • Friday, Oct. 19-Rock Your Red
  • Monday, Oct. 22-Manic Monday (Dress Crazy): Don’t Be Crazy, Stay Drug Free
  • Tuesday, Oct. 23-PJ Day: Put drugs to rest
  • Wednesday, Oct. 24- Wear Orange: UNITE Against Bullying
  • Thursday, Oct. 25- (Decade Day) Throwback and Throw Away Drugs
  • Friday, Oct. 26-Blue Out: Be a Drug Free… Continue Reading RCHS Red Ribbon Week Themes
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    Rock Your Red Friday, October 19th

    Kick-off Red Ribbon Week by wearing red on Friday, October 19th.  The mission of Red Ribbon Week is to lead and support our families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free lives.

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    Forest Quillen Speaks to RCMS Students

    Forest Quillen & Unite Club Officers

    Forest Quillen spoke to RCMS students during Red Ribbon Week to encourage character and promote drug-free living. Unite Club officers Kylie Martin, Hallie Brown, Destiny Adams, and Haley Thacker are pictured with Forest after he spoke to the student body.

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    RCMS Supports Red Ribbon Week

    THE FUTURE IS KEY; SO STAY DRUG FREE! RCMS students and staff showed support for Red Ribbon Week by wearing red on Friday, October 20th.

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    RCMS Red Ribbon Week Photo Gallery

    Rockcastle County Middle School students and staff celebrated Red Ribbon Week by wearing their pajamas, Star Wars themed clothing, their favorite decade attire and being super heroes.  They ended the week with a special storyteller and his ghostly crew.


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    Stand Strength Teams Visits RCMS

    RCMS kicked off Red Ribbon Week with an anti-drug message by the Stand Strength Team.

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    MVES Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days

    Red Ribbon Week is used as a way of taking a stand for our hopes and dreams through making a commitment of saying “no” to drugs and alcohol.  Each MVES student is invited to participate in a week of spirit to celebrate our choice to be drug free.

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    RCMS Red Ribbon Week Themes

    Friday, October 21st: Red Ribbon Week Kick-off – Wear red!

    Monday, October 24th: Follow Your Dreams Drug Free – Wear pajamas!

    Tuesday, October 25th: Being Drug Free Makes Cents – Donate to Pennies for Patients!

    Wednesday, October 26th: The Drug Free Force Is With Me! – Wear Star Wars-themed clothing!

    Thursday, October 27th:  Drug Free for Decades – Dress Like 60’s, 70’s,… Continue Reading RCMS Red Ribbon Week Themes

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    RES Red Ribbon Week Activities

    Roundstone’s 4th and 5th grade UNITE Club chose these activities to make known their commitment to leading and living a healthy, drug free life. We appreciate everyone’s participation and support during Red Ribbon Week!!!

  • Friday 10/21:  Kickoff – Rock Your Red Day! (Wear RED to school)
  • Monday 10/24:  Follow Your Dreams Don’t Do Drugs! (Wear… Continue Reading RES Red Ribbon Week Activities
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    BES Red Ribbon Week

    BES Red Ribbon Week will be October 24-28, 2016.

    #YOLO:  You Only Live Once

  • Friday, October 21st: KICKOFF DAY! ROCK YOUR RED!! Everyone please wear RED including community members.
  • Monday, October 22nd: “Turn your back on drugs”:  Everyone please wear clothing backwards!
  • Tuesday, October 25th: “Shade out drugs”:  Everyone please wear sunglasses!
  • Wednesday, October 26th: “Boot… Continue Reading BES Red Ribbon Week
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