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Sep 18 2017

Roundstone Elementary News

The Amazing Grandparent’s Day By Julissa Alcorn, RES fourth grade student reporter Grandparent’s Day was September 7, 2017. Roundstone Elementary celebrated by inviting our grandparents. We ate ice cream, and then our grandparents got to see what we prepared for them and the stuff we made just for them. They really liked the cards we… Continue Reading Roundstone Elementary News

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Sep 06 2017

RES Students Collect Food for Grateful Bread

5th grade reporters: Bradyn Seaburg and William Miller Roundstone Elementary School is collecting canned goods for the hunger walk!  These canned goods will go to Grateful Bread.  So far we have donated 360 cans in all!  The winning class will receive free recess.  There is only two days left to donate.  So, hurry up and… Continue Reading RES Students Collect Food for Grateful Bread

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Jun 13 2017

RES Yearbooks Have Arrived

Roundstone Elementary School yearbooks have arrived.  If you ordered a yearbook you may pick it up June 14-23 between 8 AM – 3 PM.

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May 03 2017

RES Students Become Published Authors

Mrs. Atkin’s first graders at RES recently celebrated becoming published authors!  Students wrote about themselves and included a cinquain poem, as well as a self portrait.  Each student gave their best effort in learning about the writing process and the steps in publishing a hardbound book.  This was a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

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Apr 19 2017

Roundstone’s Got Talent!

RES 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders put on a talent show for our school and our parents.  It was a time for our students to show everyone how talented they are.  The show included singing, dancing, comedy, and a pianist. We guess you’d say, “Roundstone’s Got Talent”!  

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Apr 12 2017

Eating Dandelions?

Written By:  Alyssa Howard and Marrick Hester – Roundstone First Grade In first grade we’ve been learning about plants.  Did you know that you can eat those little, yellow dandelions that are in your yard?  At Roundstone we have lots of dandelions.  Ms. Noe told us about the Dandelion Festival in Berea.  She said people eat… Continue Reading Eating Dandelions?

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Apr 12 2017

RES Preschoolers Transformed to Superheroes

Ms. Brittany Kincer’s preschool students at Roundstone spent two weeks doing a Superhero theme before spring break.  For part of our theme we did a superhero training day (thanks Mr. Ronny for your help!) and a superhero dress up day.  Linked below is a video of our morning students in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5CXJzFA3BE

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Apr 10 2017

2017-2018 RES Parent SBDM Nominations

PARENT SBDM NOMINATION FORM April 10 – 21, 2017 Parent members of the SBDM Council must be the parent, stepparent, or foster parent, of a child who will be enrolled at the school during the term of office.  Legal guardians are also considered parents if the child lives with them.  Parent members may not have… Continue Reading 2017-2018 RES Parent SBDM Nominations

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Mar 31 2017

RES UNITE Club Participates in Leadership Rally & Community Celebration

The RES UNITE Club participated in the Rockcastle UNITE Coalition Leadership Rally and Community Celebration, “Life Counts” on Thursday evening. These student members have pledged and committed to staying drug free by being an active force in their communities and school. We are so proud of the stand they are taking and their leadership in… Continue Reading RES UNITE Club Participates in Leadership Rally & Community Celebration

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Mar 30 2017

RES Third Grade Storyboard Fun

Mrs. Nikki’s 3rd grade class had some fun with storyboards. They had to read a fiction book all by themselves. Then they used story elements (character, plot, setting, author’s purpose) to create their boards. RES News Crew members thought each board was excellent, but chose to showcase The Giving Tree, The Lorax, Ivy and Bean, and… Continue Reading RES Third Grade Storyboard Fun

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