Test-to-Stay Program

Beginning Wednesday, November 10th, we will be moving the location  AND changing the hours for Test to Stay.  The new location will be the Teaching and Learning Center, across from the Board of Education office at 250 Richmond Street in Mt. Vernon.   The new hours will be each day from 7:00-9:00 am.  The process for Test to Stay (registration, etc.) will stay the same.

Beginning Wednesday, September 15th Rockcastle County Schools will implement a Test-to-Stay program that will allow both staff and students who are identified as a close contact during COVID-19 contact tracing to continue to stay in school and participate in school activities. As part of the Test-to-Stay program, students and staff who are identified as close contacts from a school exposure, and who are asymptomatic, will not be required to quarantine from school if parents give permission for the student to be tested for COVID-19 for five (5) days using a rapid test. Day one of the testing would begin on the day of exposure and daily testing will continue for 5 days. Tests will not be required on weekends, holidays or over school breaks. Students and staff may remain at school as long as each test returns a negative result. If a positive test occurs, the student will need to be picked up or the staff member will need to leave the work setting and quarantine at home according to the guidelines. Tests will be administered on a Rockcastle County School campus. This program is OPTIONAL and is offered at NO COST to participants.  Students and staff will also have the option of the seven (7) day or ten (10) day model if they do not want to participate in the Test-to-Stay option. Students will only be tested with parent/guardian permission.

To be eligible for the Test-to-Stay program, the student or staff member must:

  • Be entirely asymptomatic without any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Continue wearing a mask indoors when at school for the entirety of the program, even if all test results are negative.
  • Create an account and register at www.ethosbacktoschool.com 

Student and Staff Registration Instructions

⇒ Register with Ethos Laboratories

⇒ Test to Stay Flyer




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