Whitley County Raider and Drill Competition

On October 4th, 2014, the Rockcastle County Raider and Drill Teams competed in the annual Whitley County Raider and Drill Competition. The competition consisted of the following events: Squad Drill, Color Guard, One Rope Bridge, Field Obstacle, Obstacle Course, and Tug-Of-War. Twelve other local schools were in attendance as well.

Squad Drill consisted of a seven cadet squad and performed a sequence of commands. The squad was graded on their ability to march sharply, uniformly, and consistently. The squad as a whole performed their best and earned second place in this event.

A four man Color Guard had to conduct a full sequence of marching and commands. Each Color Guard was graded on their performance executing the commands sharply and accurately according to the Army Field Manual of Drill and Ceremony.

For the One Rope Bridge portion, a six cadet team formed had to construct a one rope bridge over an obstacle and cross it in the shortest amount of time possible.

During Field Obstacle, cadets had to perform several events involving teamwork and leadership skills. The event had several different obstacles set up along a path, and the team had to complete each obstacle in as short of amount of time as possible.

During the Obstacle Course, cadets had to work together as a team to cross several obstacles. The team had to complete this event with shortest amount of time, and with little to no penalties as possible. This four man team placed second overall in this category of the overall competition.

The last event of the day is the Tug-of-War competition. Schools went head to head in a single elimination tournament to compete for the Tug-of-War champion title.

Each and every cadet who attended the Whitely Raider and Drill Competition gave their 100% best effort and represented Rockcastle County with pride and respect. Congratulations to all the cadets.

The following cadets were in attendence: Addison Atkin, Nathaniel Barnett, Victoria Barron, Claire Beichler, Marina Blevins, Kyle Cash, Jeremiah Caudill, William Cole, Bekka Davidson, Robert Davis, Elijah Didelot, Ethan Fain, Mathew Gadd, Dana Hatfield, Tabitha Henson, Tim Henson, Tiffany Horn, Marybeth Hurst, Brianna Lay, Will Martin, Will Merritt, Zach Nelson, Lyndsay Newcomb, Zach Pheanis, Shetarra Prickett, Austin Ramsey, Amber Rice, Tyler Robinson, Sam Skinner, Trevor Sweet, Adriane Walker, Kiara Welch.


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