Whitley County Raider/Colorguard Competitions

By: CDT 2LT Ryan Martin

The Rockcastle County Rocket Battalion Raider and Drill teams competed in the Whitley County Raider/Colorguard Competition this past weekend on Saturday, October 8th. The Drill Team competed in the areas of Squad Drill, Color Guard, and Academic Team, the two former consisting of the graded execution of a predetermined sequence of commands and actions, with the latter a series of academically challenging questions. The Raider Team was responsible for the construction and crossing of a one-rope-bridge, completion of both an obstacle course and field obstacle course, along with a tug-of-war event.  All Cadets worked exceptionally hard, and earned 2nd place in the Field Obstacle Course and One Rope Bridge events, and the Rocket Battalion placed 3rd in overall competition, successfully breaking a dry streak of overall placement within events.

Tug-of-War: Paige Fowler, Johnathan Howard, Lydia Walker, Brian Cole, Jacob Lamb, Jordan Davidson
Field Obstacle: Victoria Boggs, Patience Cotton, Brody Johnston, Holden Abrams, Robert Vaught, Ethan Saylor
Obstacle Course: Aleya Powell, Amber Doan, Holden Abrams, Robert Vaught
One Rope Bridge: Victoria Boggs, Amber Doan, Holden Abrams, Robert Vaught, Matthew Gadd, Ethan Saylor

Squad Drill: Kiarra Clouse, Aleya Powell, Andrew Didelot, Tyler Wood, Zach Nelson, Jake Neely, Shetarra Pricket, Sebastian Poynter, Benton Kuntz

Colorguard: Connor Noble, Eli Rose, Hannah Johnston, Robert Davis

Academic Team: David Peavie, Adrianne Walker, Clare Beichler, Michael Allen

Additional Cadets Present: Shawna Mink, Elizabeth Barron, Jakob Mink, Eric Jackson, Larry Vanwinkle

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