Wildcat Mountain Cadet Assistance

Twenty-seven Cadets from the Rockcastle County High School JROTC helped assist local reenactors of the Laural Home Guard at the Wildcat Mountain Civil War reenactment from October 19th to 21st

On arrival the first day, Cadets Benton Kuntz, Chanler Cole, Hunter Medley, Jake Neeley, Elijah Vaught, Caleb Tompkins, and Larry Vanwinkle were tasked with finding and setting up a campsite to stay at for the full three-day event. These Cadets also parked cars and school buses for that day’s reenactment activities.

On the start of the second day, Cadets were then responsible for handling and effectively parking all the visitor’s cars in the fields next to the event, as well as collecting donations for the reenactors. In the evening, Cadets peeled potatoes and served dinner to the reenactors.

Lastly, on the third day, Cadets were once again tasked with parking the visitors, cleaning up the field, and escorting visitors out of the event. 

We would like to thank the Laural Home Guard for allowing us to help assist them at the reenactment. We would also like to thank all the participating Cadets for working effectively and efficiently despite the mounting cold weather throughout the three days. 

Wildcat Mountain Cadet Assistance Wildcat Mountain Cadet Assistance Wildcat Mountain Cadet Assistance Wildcat Mountain Cadet Assistance

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