Responding to the 2020 Census helps Rockcastle County communities in many ways. The once-a-decade population count serves as the basis for:

  • Distributing federal assistance to schools and educational institutions, including Title I aid, the National School Lunch Program, and special education grants.
  • Providing the basis for distributing grants for economic development and inform business decisions, such as local business expansion.
  • Accurately determining how many representatives each state has in Congress and inform the
    redrawing of congressional district boundaries.

What you need to know:

  • Completing the Census is part of your civic duty! Every response counts.
  • It’s safe, secure and private.
  • Rockcastle County will loose as much as $2,000 in funding for those who do not complete the Census.
  • Once you receive your materials in the mail (mid-March), your Census responses can be completed online, by mail or over the phone. (If you have a PO box, you will not receive your materials by mail.  A field representative will visit your home.)

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